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Bad Ragaz - From farming village to luxury-community

According to the building department of the municipality of Bad Ragaz, exist a work In the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Zurich I, created in 1999, with the title in the cadastral plans of 1919. "Ragaz, history of the village from 1840 to 1914", the "Hotel Krone" is under already mentioned the operated hotels in 1880. At this time the hotel operated already from the hosts family Kuoni Rüst.
Through several major fires in the village of Bad Ragaz and floods from the Tamina Gorge in the 18th century. The history of the "Hotel Krone" is not completely traced. Nevertheless, it is beyond question that the history of the Hotel Krone is strongly connected with the history of the village of Bad Ragaz.
Anno 1840, when the thermal water was passed out of the gorge to the village, Ragaz scored two hotels. Also in 1859, almost 20 years later, two houses are called as accommodation option only.
In 1858, the port came to the railway network and the number of spa visitors increased sharply. The number of hotels started to rise rapidly. In 1868 there were already 20 units. Originally impoverished village developed into a spa and health resort. The era of spas, which brought great changes with in Bad Ragaz, started in 1868. Bernhard Simon bought the "bathroom in the yard" and began building the "Quellenhof", "Kursaal", pump room, bathrooms, chalets, gardens and parks, and opened 1869 as the largest hotel in Europe. This resulted also in the village area rapid developments and let the old and partly poor farming village, come more and more into the background.

The history of the "Hotel Krone"

In the documentation library "Ragaziana" can be found many photos of "Hotel Krone" from the 19th century. Images from the early days of the automotive industry show the house with the facade inscription "Hotel Pension Krone" and the base of the house is shown with plate or brick cladding. These images come from the period beginning in 1900. As part of the 1939 national exhibition held in Zurich is fall on changes to the facade of "Hotel Krone". The base was converted. The facade seen from the roof to the ground as a surface. And from the inscription "Hotel Pension Krone" is mutated to "Hotel Krone". The Hotel Krone has undergone several renovations over the years, this in all Indoor and outdoor areas. Even today, we make sure that our guests lack nothing. In addition we offer a tasteful decor in all rooms and technical facilities such as hair dryer, TV, radio or wireless LAN. Our hotel has now developed since the times when even men with hats go in and out - to an established hotel in the heart of Bad Ragaz, which has become indispensable as a part in the village of Bad Ragaz.